Amilcar de Castro

The poetry of spontaneous gestures

Exhibition running from May 10th until September 18th 2018 (Last exhibition)
Primner Gallery premieres with the Brazilian artist Amilcar de Castro, famous for his “corte-dobra” (one cut, one fold) sculptures. De Castro develops this kind of work up until his death. He expresses the lightness of a sheet of paper on his steel sculptures, creating numerous variations in the same plane.


Fair running from May 17th to May 20th 2018, at Carris Museum
We are presenting Amilcar de Castro [Minas Gerais, Brasil, 1920-2002] e Susana Anágua [Lisbon, 1976]. Primner Gallery debuts with the representation of the artist Amilcar de Castro, one of the most proliferous names of the neoconcretism. In JustLX we present the dialog between De Castro and the portuguese artist Susana Anágua.