“Star”, by Amilcar de Castro

“Star”, by Amilcar de Castro

“Star” was showed for the first time in 1953 in the 2nd International São Paulo Biennial. This pieces represents a landmark moment in the artist’s career when he started to work with the technique corta e dobra (one cut, one fold). “Star”...

Professional Networking at Primner Gallery

Apart from being an art gallery, Primner Gallery also hosts other events. On the 16th of August, in partnership with Internations, we hosted the event Professional Networking. This event was dedicated to networking. Primner Gallery was the business highlighted. Apart...

Rodrigo de Castro

Vibrations of Color and Its Subletly

Next Exhibition from September 22th until November 15th 2018 (Coming up)
From September to December, Primner Gallery presents the Series “Dialogues with Amilcar de Castro”, with the goal of bringing to Lisbon Brazilian artists that work today with the heritage of Concrete and Neo Concrete Art. In first dialogue, Primner presents “Rodrigo de Castro, Vibrations of Color and Its Subletly”