(Lisbon, Portugal, 1976)


Pedro Léger Pereira is an award-winning Architect and Sculptor that often travels and explores the world alone to experience different countries and cultures. He has visited most of the most iconic contemporary buildings and artworks that he is constantly sketching and studying in order to expand his professional and cultural skills.
With a “long” and enriched professional experience, Pedro won several first prizes in Sculpture and Architecture competitions from of which we highlight a shortlisted project that he participated in the prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award and several other projects leaded by him shortlisted for several years in the World Architecture Festival.
In the past few years, he had several solo exhibitions around the world and has various urban sculptures implemented in public spaces and several singular buildings already become built. Was the winner of several first prizes and distinctions in Art competitions having recently been a representative of Norway in the prestigious “Canson Prix 2015“.
Pedro Léger Pereira has lived and worked so far in several countries around the world like The Netherlands, USA, Portugal and Norway and most of his works in collaboration in diverse prestigious Studios are widely published in several Art and Architecture magazines worldwide. His Art works are represented in several private collections and public museums, mostly in Portugal and also in Norway where he currently lives and works.