“Star” was showed for the first time in 1953 in the 2nd International São Paulo Biennial. This pieces represents a landmark moment in the artist’s career when he started to work with the technique corta e dobra (one cut, one fold). “Star” is made up of three rectangles. Each rectangle has been bisected diagonally and folded and joined together to make a sculpture with all sorts of triangular possibilities. This piece was created under the impact of Max Bill, quite influential in Brazil. This piece was showed in 1953 on the 2nd International Biennial of São Paulo, in 2005 on the Fifth Biennial of Mercosul in Porto Alegre, in 2008 in Galeria Millan in São Paulo and in 2017 in Empty House Gallery in New York. “Star” belongs to the Institute Amilcar de Castro and it is part of the exhibition “Amilcar de Castro: The Poetry of the Spontaneous Gestures” presented at Primner Gallery in 2018.